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My 12 year old daughter has been suffering from a sore throat for long. No amount of medication worked. It was my colleague who recommended Throatsil Spray. We tried it for her and I can’t say how relieved she was just within a few hours. It really works.
-Mrs. Ishita Roy, Ooty.
I have been suffering from constipation for many years now. Trying out laxatives has been a part of my routine for me but trying out Naturolax was definitely something else. I must say that this has helped me a lot. 
-Mr.Rahul Patil, Nashik.
Tried Naturolax on the recommendation of one of my friends who has been suffering from constipation just as me for many years now. I was in two minds as to whether it will suit me or not. But, it did and I must say that it is better than the last product I used. 
-Mr.Prathamesh Jadhav, Gurgaon.
Whenever I get a cold, it is the sore throat that gives me a hard time. I can barely sleep at night because of the pain. Tried Throatsil Spray and I almost slept like a baby. I have finally found a permanent solution to my problem.
-Mr. Nitin Mohite, Kolhapur.
Have been using Throatsil Spray for many days now and I never forget to carry it around even when I am traveling somewhere. Nothing gives faster relief than Throatsil Spray.
-Mr. Ramesh Pai, Thane.
Constipation is embarrassing and one of life’s biggest problems. I have a tough time when I have to go somewhere. I tried Naturolax for the first time in my life and the results derived were excellent. Am a happy person now. 
-Mr.Arjun Sheth, Mumbai.